Bartonville 9/21/13

You can see this cross move as my wife was sitting on the couch across the room and I was sitting in a chair away from it. I thought maybe it was the angel of the camera but after reviewing it over and over and reviewing other pictures you can clearly see it moves on it's own.
Look and listen as you can hear and see an object from the top right corner.​ Look at the picture for reference.
Same video as the last but in slow motion check the pictures to see which area to look at.
Look at the door way on the top right as you can see a straight line move across it.

This sounds like a door moving as you can see a shadow of a door moving as me and my wife were not moving any door and the others were upstairs. ​

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Hickox House 10/13/13
Hickox House 10/13/13
Hickox House 10/13/13
Hickox House 10/13/13
Congress Plaza Hotel  03/14/15
This has nothing scary just pure humor. As usual when staying in the most haunted rooms at hotels you get those trying to find something paranormal outside the door.  This group may have found nothing paranormal but they sure got a good scare. ​