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Second Trip to Peoria State Hospital.  [My wife and I alone].
Number of Hellos among other things.
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This is where something came up from behind me. In my head? Maybe but as you can tell I was a bit startled.
Number of hellos, melody with voice box still scanning.
Lot of responses & hellos, voice, saying that hurt. 1:15 min in you can hear laughing.
This where we got women's face in picture. Girl's voice twice, and after recorder stopped people talking at the end you can catch part of it hello followed by another hello at the very end.
After we were startled by voices conversing.
Music without voice box and whisper saying your here.
First trip to Peoria State Hospital (Bartonville Asylum). ​ [Tour with other people].
Baby or small child crying. Hello through voice box, and several responses.
My name, (Brian), my wife's name (Angel), guides name (Brock).  Goodbye at the end.
Responding to questions.
HIckox House 10/13/13. Daniel, Rachel, Angel, and Brian.​​​​
Several hellos on voice box.
Gentlemen's room, what sounds like child's voice saying wait for me, after I ask it to sit a voice saying sit, and again voice asking "who is this"? Could be a radio frequency though.
I am downstairs making my way up searching for young Alice one of the ghost who haunts this building. At the end you hear what sounds like little girl giggle.
Daniel and Brian in Padded Room. Among other things we get a clear 4 on the spirit box to our question "how many people are here with us"?
Several hellos, my name (Brian), Daniel, yes to question if they were in the morgue, thank you 3 times at least, and possible Alice to the question what is your name. Alice is one of the ghost who is suppose to haunt the place.
One of my favorites. Is this Alice? Listen as you here a hello at the end after Rachel says she was talking to the ghost. This is Angel and Rachel downstairs.
Picked up from Angel's recorder. What sounds like little girl saying mommy and few other things. Very low sound though really have to listen on this one.​ Very well could be me on ghost box in another room.
.Capital Plaza Hotel 03/13/15
This recorder is left in our room as we proceed to investigate the hotel. I don't know if our room is really haunted by a women like rumors say but you can clearly hear a women crying.
I am asking any spirit that might be with us if it knows what year it is. The response is no.
Bartonville Asylum, forth trip. Mike (my father), John, myself. 7/21/15.

(attic). Response town down, EVP:they're talking. Note:got orb picture here.
(attic). Again after music. Note: got orb picture here, my father is in the basement.
Old Bishop Cemetery, 7/24/15.
Note: We visited twice in same night once with a group and once just my wife and myself. Alone we had great spikes on K2 meter. Responses all the way up on k2 with every question. We would have stayed longer except I was being eaten alive by bugs at least I think. I never felt bites like that before my back looked like something out of horror movie yet the next morning every bite was gone.
Bartonville Asylum, fifth trip. Matt, Angel, myself.  10/19/15.
The voices are hard to hear but one is saying something about talking and my name. Possibly repeating things I said. 
This one has some kind of interference that I have never had before and it was when Angel's phone went dead which was fully charged. You can actually hear the phone go dead.
Voice 3 seconds in no sure what it says.
Who is it?
Hello 7 sec in. Response of no at the end.